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6 Tips save you of sweat bad smell

During the summer weather with its rising temperatures, increasing the proportion of sweat, and most of us face this problem, especially if what we are exposed to too much sunlight throughout the day, in order to prevent the smell of growing sweat , “What woman needs” offer you these tips:

6 Tips save you of sweat bad smell

sweat bad smell

sweat bad smell

1. Be sure to have a shower at least on a daily basis and this at the very least, because the bathing water helps in getting rid of the smell of sweat, and the showers also save you from stress, anxiety and tension.
2. Use anti-bacterial soap, because the accumulation bacteria are causing the appearance of the smell of the body, and when using this soap will get rid of this smell and any other bad odor.

6 Tips save you of sweat bad smell
3. Use a scented lotion for the body after bathing, to give your body a refreshing scent that lasts with you for a while after a shower, as well as using antibacterial soap as bathing with this kind of soaps contribute to reduce the number of bacteria, which in turn contributes to reduce the bad smell of your body.


4. dehydrate your body well, it helps to mitigate the smell of sweat.
5. Be sure to wear cotton clothes absorb sweat.

sweat bad smell

6 Tips save you of sweat bad smell
6. Pay great attention on removing hair on armpits; because it’s one of the key factors in the emergence of the bad smell of sweat.
Of course, Besides the above tips, do not forget that you should use deodorants constantly , they are useful, especially with frequent exposure to heat in the summer, but be sure to acquire good quality and well-known one.

6 Tips save you of sweat bad smell


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