6 Reasons Why You Need To Date The All-Natural Girl

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1. She has a natural confidence to her.

1. She has a natural confidence to her.
She’s the anti-basic girl who rarely suffers from self-consciousness. She’ll be the best mom or role model one day because she wants to send the message that women are naturally beautiful, and don’t have to conceal or enhance anything on their bodies for them to be accepted. She doesn’t care if people are judging her; she knows that she’s awesome, and so do you.

2. She doesn’t wear makeup, because she has nothing to hide.2. She doesn’t wear makeup, because she has nothing to hide.
You never had that moment of waking up and realizing the grave mistake you made and the terrifying beast that is actually next to you in bed. No deception with this lady – what you see is what you get. When you get breakfast the next day, all the girls with caked-on makeup will be jealous of her natural radiance and confidence. She doesn’t wake up an hour before you to do her makeup and she doesn’t have to spend another hour at night wiping it all off. She knows the value of not wasting extra sleeping or sexy time, and that’s a chick worth keeping around. She’ll also spend that money on doing more exciting adventures with you, instead of spending it on expensive cosmetics. Material things are not really of value to the natural girl.

3. She doesn3. She doesn’t wear perfume, because her natural scent is better.
Perfume is another stereotype of a woman being feminine. What’s truly feminine is her natural scent. Perfume can give you a headache and be kind of overwhelming. Your apartment and sheets won’t smell like a Sephora, and when you’re hungover you wont be forced to inhale a putrid cotton candy scent or some artificial fruity smell. Your bathroom shelves will also be free of perfume, as well as all that pesky makeup from the previous note; every guy’s dream come true. Our bodies already give off natural pheromones when we’re attracted to each other, which is a lot sexier than making out with someone who smells like a candy bar.

4. She has a natural radiance.4. She has a natural radiance.
She has a natural glow because she doesn’t cover her real self up with chemicals. Because her pores get to breath from the lack of makeup and perfume, and she doesn’t fry her hair with an iron, her natural self is healthy and radiant because of that. Instead of dressing herself up to be a Barbie which actually results in greasy, pimpled skin and damaged hair, her natural locks shine and bounce, and her skin is dewy and bright – so much better.

5. The choice speaks to her natural philosophy on life.5. The choice speaks to her natural philosophy on life.
She doesn’t have anything to hide, she’s fearless, and proud of who she is, inside and out. Even when she gets older, she’ll stay youthful forever, and she values taking care of her body. A girl who respects and takes care of herself well will know how to take better care of her guy and have a healthy and thriving relationship. Her bare-faced beauty is incomparable, and she’s never intimidated by or jealous of other women who are more glammed up, and is in hearty support of other women who go natural.

6. She commands respect from her partners in the best way possible.6. She commands respect from her partners in the best way possible.
She’s a woman that won’t take anything less than what she deserves from her man, and that’ll teach him to be a better person, in turn. Going natural, you experience a kind of liberation that women who doll themselves up for the world simply don’t get to experience. She wants you to feel as liberated as her, but she’ll also let you know that you need to appreciate her for the uninhibited goddess that she is. It’s eye-opening, and is what makes the difference between a hot girl, and a beautiful one.


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