5 things will spoil your hands manicure .. Avoid them!

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5 things will spoil your hands manicure .. Avoid them!


Whether you go to the beauty salon to get a manicure for your hands or you do it or spend some of your free time in the painting , in both cases you have to pay attention to it. While applying nail polish, must to keen to make sure it is dried up, but the damage comes directly and in an unexpected way after application. Perhaps we know that you change its color more than once a week but not necessarily spoil your nails after one day of application. Here in the following 6 daily things you spoil the joy of the newly painted nails, avoid them.

Shower with hot water

Hot water and nail polish does not meet. When do you want to rub your fingers directly, decrease the temperature because the hot water soak your nails leads to peel immediately. This also applies on swimming.

5 things will spoil your hands manicure .. Avoid them!

Daily use of detergents

A combination of detergents and harsh chemicals (many household detergents containing nail polish remover) and hot water can peel any manicure . Next time, make sure to wear a pair of gloves before you wash dishes or clean up the bathroom.

Passing your fingers in your hair

This does not mean that you can not repeat this matter, but here we mean the wet hair. As noted earlier, as your nails manicure are so soft when you go out of the water, whether the bathroom or swimming, so it is more prone to peeling. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair after a shower.

5 things will spoil your hands manicure .. Avoid them!

Perfume or hair spray

Alcohol found in perfume or hair spray is dangerous for the nail polish. push carefully for styling your hair or to put perfume so as not to be affected by your nails. We also advise you to avoid hands disinfected – as it contain very high rate of alcohol.

Applying sunscreen

Chemicals in the solar protective remove the color of the nail polish and lead to break them . But of course you can not stop doing so. Do this carefully when applied and Clean your hands immediately with alcohol-free a tissue.

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