5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell

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Every woman must be careful to clean Vagina areas in her body, especially the genital area, because the sensitive region is affected by the type of food you eat as eating salt and fries frequently will be affected negatively on this area, In this article, “What woman needs” present you daily steps and different foods to get lovely smell and clean sensitive bikini area.

1. Yogurt
Eat yogurt regularly, as it contains many substances including calcium that the beneficial bacteria attacking harmful bacteria and kill them there.

5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell

2. Showering
Shower and wash your entire body because the cleaning is not limited to just clean the sensitive region, as it’s working to rid the body of dead skin remnants of which have accumulated if they lead to close and cause pores to make skin pale.
Take a bath every day to prevent bacteria infection of the transition from the body to the sensitive region and you should clean up properly through using some sort of soap gentle on the skin.

5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell

5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell

3. Avocados
It supports libido and strengthens the walls of the vagina, because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, also it gives the area lovely smell, so eat a lot of it.


4. Eat a lot of fruits
With its various kinds, such as cranberry, pineapple, strawberries which are working to combat the stench in the body and give the best smell also have copious amounts of fluid, which works to hydrate the body and help in getting rid of toxins causing the odors.

5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell

5. Recipe of rose oil
You nneed to prepare a tablespoon of baby powder – half tablespoon of rose oil – one teaspoon of starch – a spoonful of Vaseline.
Mix all theses components, then put the mixture in a closed bottle in the refrigerator for a full day, then rinse your sensitive area from outside and then wear cotton clothes.

5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell


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