5 Important steps to get care of healthy skin

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healthy skin

Some believe that the aging of the skin starts from the age of thirty, while they may start before that to be in mid-twenties, but it appear on the skin with the thirtieth in the form of some fine lines around the eye, as well as dark spots and dry skin.


Why not’re following a few healthy habits for skin care before the age of thirty !! Perhaps these habits may have contributed to the removal of skin aging.
Here are five basic most important habits to keep skin aging:
1-Putting  sunscreen: The easiest way to get an amazing skin is putting  sunscreen, it operates as a line of defense against skin dark spots and wrinkles, which produces when exposed to sunlight. Consult a skin doctors to find out what is most appropriate for your skin type.

2. Sunscreen not the only protector of the skin: add other antioxidants to your daily routine to enhance the effectiveness of the sunscreen, and helped it to protect the skin from aging and various environmental factors that damage the skin. You can get antioxidants by eating foods rich in omega-3s such as salmon and sardines, almonds, as well as foods rich in vitamin C and others.

3-acne treatment: You may suffer from blisters and clear fine lines on your skin, So try to treat these acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide, which works to kill bacteria that cause acne.

healthy skin care

5 Important steps to get care of healthy skin

4-peeling regularly: Peel is of paramount importance to keep your skin from acne; So try to peel your skin twice a week to maintain the freshness and do not forget moisturizing after peeling.

5. Eye Cream: the eyes are the window to the age So try to put the eye cream a day before going to sleep to get rid of the annoying black circles and reduce fine lines around the eye .

5 Important steps to get care of healthy skin

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