3 Natural oils give your eyelashes more volume

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The charm of the beauty of women is in their eyes , and eyelashes in particular. Whenever your eyelashes is long and thick, your attractiveness will increase, “What woman needs” bring you 3 natural oils help strengthen your eyelashes , give them more volume in a short period.

Natural oils give your eyelashes more volume

olive oil
You can use it alone or mixed with castor oil, where working together to moisten the lashes, strengthen, intensified and stimulated them to grow properly on a healthy manner. Only cover your full eyelashes starting from the roots to the external parties with olive oil and you’ll notice the difference in a short period of regular use.



Castor oil
It’s of the most common oils, castor oil, known as the great ability to strengthen and intensify their hair in general. After cleaning the whole skin, apply on the eyelashes of the upper and lower lines every evening by clean and sterile mascara brush, and also on the eyebrows of maximum effectiveness.

Natural oils give your eyelashes more volume

Almond oil
Apply it on the eyelashes to enhance their volume every evening before going to sleep for a few weeks you notice an increase in the volume of lashes. You can also mix almond oil with a little aloe vera extract, as they provide an enhancement and acceleration the effect on the eyelashes.

Finally, we recommend avoiding massaging the eyelashes usually severely, with the need to decrease the use of mascara and eyeliner , you have to remove them every evening before going to sleep in an appropriate manner , while choosing the types of make-up remover which are smooth and free from harmful chemicals.

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