3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems

3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems

sleep problems

Do you suffer from insomnia, and would you like to overcome it, to get the comfortable  sleep? our smart site “what woman needs” offers you three natural treatments for preparation at home and eat before bedtime that will help you to get rid of the issues that may prevent from the good sleep that by its role will help you to well manage your life style and also to do the works, that you are suppose to do correctly:

1_Fenugreek  recipe to get rid of insomnia

Take a teaspoon of ground fenugreek, and then dissolved in a glass of cold water and add sugar as you like. Drink the mixture before bedtime by an hour or half-hour, then eat some lettuce leaves to ensure the best results. that ensures you the comfortable sleep.

3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems
2_ Chamomile recipe to get comfortable sleep

Boil the water, then add chamomile flowers, and let this mixture to cool slightly, then drain. Drink this cool glass before going to sleep, this drink will calm the nerves and relieves stress and help you to sleep and relax.

3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems
3_ Valerian recipe to get deep sleep

Add 3 grams of Valerian root powder to 150 ml of boiling water, and let the mixture to work for 5 _ 10 minutes. then liquidate it, and drink that cub before bedtime.
It should be noted that the maximum dose of Valerian is 15 grams per day.

3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems

Finally, we hope that , my dear reader, that you find what you are searching for and get the deep and comfortable sleep that you are aim to, good luck.

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