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3 Healthy and burning soups for loss weight

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Today, “What woman needs” will provide you with the best soups that you can add to your diet without fearing of any excess calories, healthy and burning soups.

burning soups for loss weight

Chicken with vegetables Soup
Instead of chicken noodle soup, Select this most nutrition option, and less rich in calories as the same flavor without the pasta, and many health benefits. Choose a dish of fat-free protein such as chicken helps to promote a feeling of fullness, as the protein helps to slow down the digestive process and enhances the stability of the level of sugar in the blood which helps prevent cravings for eating later. In addition, Protein is essential for weight loss because it helps in muscle growth and repair. The more muscles you have, the more fats you will burn.

3 Healthy and burning soups for loss weight
Lentil Soup
Of the best ways to fight, fat is the foods that contain protein, fiber. lentil soup contains large amounts of both. Half a cup of lentils contains nine grams of protein, eight grams of saturated fiber. Although it is easy buying a ready-made Lentil soup from the market but it has much salt, which it can lead to uncomfortable bloating and water retention. It recommended making soup at home to control the ingredients.

burning soups for loss weight

3 Healthy and burning soups for loss weight
Tomato barley
A modified version of the classic creamy soups, as barley, beans in tomato soup provides 16 grams of saturated fiber per half cup. select simple recipe based on tomatoes, avoid bread to reduce calories. Avoid creamy soups, and instead of them, select pureed vegetables or chicken broth as a base, which helps to reduce calories.

3 Healthy and burning soups for loss weight

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