20 Most Inspirational Fitness Accounts

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Instagram seems to be the go-to place for everything these days. It’s not just a place for pretty pictures of your mornings coffee. It’s also where we like to share important things in our life and commemorate milestones. It’s also great for stalking celebrities, looking up cute pictures of cats, choosing your next vacation destination and much more. Instagram is also a great source for inspiration. Today we present you with the list of 20 most inspirational fitness accounts.


AcroYoga shares amazing photos. It’s a unique combination of acrobatics and yoga. These pictures will inspire you to take up yoga as soon as possible, so that some day you might be able to do one of these poses.

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in L.A. She posts beautiful pictures of herself doing various yoga poses. All of her pictures have a beautiful backdrop of sunny beaches, pretty buildings and beautiful landscapes that will inspire you to do yoga no matter where you are.

This inspiring fitness account is run by a beautiful couple – Honza and Claudine Lafond. They’re the founders of the brand ‘YogaBeyond’. They believe that the ultimate goal in life is to follow your bliss and inspire others to do the same.

Amanda is a certified yoga instructor and her motto is ‘Fresh body- Fit Mind”. She’s also a former Australian pole vaulter and an exercise physiologist.Her bright pictures and a positive attitude will inspire you to start working and building your best body today.

If you’re a fan of surfing and a fan of yoga this account it perfect for you. It’s an amazing combination of both. Who would’ve thought that’s possible? But this is further proof that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

There’s no better philosophy for starting a workout than Nike’s ‘Just Do It’. Nikerunning will get you pumped for a run and showcase some awesome runners in some pretty cool and bright sneakers. Get inspired and go for a run!


Go for a run, take a great photo while you’re at it and get a chance to get featured on this account. You’ll see all sorts of runners here: young people, old grannies, mothers with babies, professional runners and beginners, and everyone who has a passion for running.

Anna Frost started her career by taking part in the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy. Since then she’s been running all over the world. Her account looks like a running travel diary and her pictures always feature beautiful mountains and the natural landscapes she runs through.

Ash Ringo Walsh is really passionate about running. She can often be seen running along beautiful trails with views of the mountains. Her pictures inspire her followers to workout and the gorgeous backdrops urge them to go outside and enjoy the nature.


 Tara is a fitness trainer. She coaches people both in groups and as a personal trainer. She even coaches people online. Her Instagram account is a great place to get tips on training and get inspired. Tara also loves to inject some fun into her work, so she will also make you smile.



Jennifer is on a mission to remind others that you don’t need a gym to be healthy and fit. She believes in going outside and creating your own gym. Jennifer posts not only fitness photos, but also workout videos that will give you ideas for your next training session.

This girl is the creator of POP pilates and has over a million followers on Instagram. She posts mini workout videos and encourages you to have a hot body all year round. She also posts all sorts of inspirational and funny pictures to keep you fit and entertained.

This isn’t your regular fitness account. Misty Copeland is a famous ballerina. Even though she doesn’t post workout videos, her photos will inspire you to get in shape. Ballet is hard work and requires a lot of training. Have you ever seen a ballerina out of shape? Exactly!

Izabel Goulart is a Brazilian model that can often be seen on Victoria’s Secret runways. She posts videos of her gruelling workouts and gives you the opportunity to train like Victoria’s Secret angels. Follow her and get that dream body!

A wonderful free source of exercise routines you could do at home, without any special equipment. If you’re ever bored with your current exercise routine or short of ideas, visit girlyexercises. They also post healthy and delicious recipes that you can incorporate into your diet.

This account is run by two beautiful sisters who are passionate about fitness, health and fashion. They’re both personal trainers, but also work as online trainers. If you want to see workout inspiration with style definitely head on over to their account.

This girl proves that you don’t have to be lean to do yoga. If you’re passionate about what you do, nothing will stop you in your way to success. In her Instagram bio she described herself as “Yoga teacher, enthusiast and fat femme”. Incredibly positive and inspiring account.

Once again, a ballet related account. Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina, trainer and mom. Ballet dancers never cease to amaze us with their incredible grace and strength. There’s a lot we could learn from them. This lady inspires us to stay fit and beautiful with her pictures. You can’t ignore how great she looks even after having a child.

We couldn’t possibly have a list of fitness accounts without mentioning Jen Selter. You probably know her as the owner of the most fit butt on Instagram. If you want to look just as fit, follow her on Instagram and get inspired by her gorgeous photos.

This is a great account to follow if you want to see some great work-out videos and healthy foods. Idalis Velazquez is a fitness professional that knows how to stay in shape. This lady has 2 little ones, but you’d never be able to tell just by looking at her.

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