16 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets to Make You Smile

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Make your life a little easier and more positive, turn your everyday kitchen routine into fun!

1. The Smiling Cherry Chopper1. The Smiling Cherry Chopper
This is an extremely cute and low-priced gadget your kids will be mad about. The kiddos will absolutely love playing with this cherry chopper all day long. All they need is to place a cherry into its mounth and push down on its head. This action allows the magic to start. The mess-free plunger pushes the pit and the juice into a container below. Special protective ‘tooth’ ensures your children’s hands and fingers are completely safe.

2. The Microplane Herb Mill2. The Microplane Herb Mill
It’s always nice to please your friends and beloved with a plate of delicious soup seasoned with fresh greens. But remember how many times you’ve gotten cuts or scratches on your fingers trying to finely chop greens like dill, parsley or mint with special scissors or a very sharp knife? This easy-to-use herb mill is perfect for prepearing herbs quickly and without bruising.

3. The Egg White Separator - “The Chick”3. The Egg White Separator – “The Chick”
If you’re an egg fan, but don’t like to separate yolks from whites of eggs you need to buy this awesome gadget for sure. When you separete an egg it usualy causes some mess, when you use this clever little chick – there is no mess at all. This is the cleanest and easiest way to separate an egg. Just crack your egg into this cute little separator and pour the white out through the chick’s beak. Have fun!

4. The Vintage Peanut Butter Grinder4. The Vintage Peanut Butter Grinder
You can’t imagine your morning without a cup of coffee and a delicious peanut butter and banana sandwich? We have good news for you. Now you can prepare fresh and even testier nut butter by yourself! Simply fill the grinder’s bin with shelled nuts, add some oil and turn it on. Voila, out comes FRESH peanut butter. To make delightful, natural nut butter you also can use any kind of your favourite nuts – almonds, cashews, hazelnuts or even sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

4. The Vintage Peanut Butter Grinder5. The Biscuit Pocket Mug
Hooray! You’ll never again end up with a pocket full of crumbs when you have decided to take a sweet cooking or biscuit with you! Just make yourself some tea or coffee and drop the coockie in the pocket of your new favourite cup, and you’re ready to go back to work.

4. The Vintage Peanut Butter Grinder6. The Corn Stripper
Removing corn kernels from cods isn’t actually too hard, especially with this cool modern gadget. Simply advace it along the length of the cob and gather the kernals in a convinient container that is attached. You can continue stripping the cob til all the kernels are sucessfully removed. When the container is full, just pour all the kernels through its top hole into a bowl and continue gathering kernels.

4. The Vintage Peanut Butter Grinder7. “Click” Oven Mitts
Today the Internet plays a huge part in modern life, and day after day it attracts more and more people deep into its web. When this attraction becomes an obsession, designers start to draw inspiration from their computers. These super cool click oven mitts are created by the Brazilian designer Anderson Horta and inspired by the little pixels of the hand cursor.


8. The Magic Veggie Twister8. The Magic Veggie Twister
Now you don’t need to order food in the expensive restaurants or hire a chef in order to surprise and please your guests. When coocking a holiday dinner try to use this magic gadget and make your salads look perfect. It’s great and easy-to-use for all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

9. Star Wars9. Star Wars’ Lightsaber Chopsticks
Fill your plate with the freshiest Japanese sushi or pour the delicious Asian noodle soup into your bowl and let the food meet its end  in the grasp of the Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks! Light up your chop sabers, brave Jedi warriors, and be prepared to receive an absolutely epic and unforgattable eating experience.

10. The StemGem Strawberry Huller10. The StemGem Strawberry Huller
Want to surprise your friends with an unusual dessert, but hate baking and cooking? You need to buy a strawberry huller for sure. With its help you will remove strawberry stems and leaves with ease and fill strawberries with Nutella or whipped cream. This easy-to-cook but tasty dessert will get oohs and ahhs from your friends!

11. The Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener & Corkscrew11. The Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener & Corkscrew
This splendid fashionable mustache shaped corkscrew also has a bottle opener function. So, it can be useful for both wine lovers or beer lovers.

12. The Lemon Juice Sprayer12. The Lemon Juice Sprayer
When it comes to healthy everyday cooking the lemon juice sprayer will become an indispensable gadget in your kitchen. You always can season your seafood, salads or other recipes with a light mist of fresh citrus. Simply cut off the top of the lemon, gently screw the sprayer inside the fruit and squeeze lemon to fill the filter of the sprayer with lemon juice.

13. The Hugging Salt and Pepper Shakers13. The Hugging Salt and Pepper Shakers
This can be a perfect present for your friend or even loved one, because this awesome kitchen gadget seems trying to remind us that we all should be treated with love and kindness. And it also has a ‘little secret’, when the shakers are viewed from above they look like Yin & Yang!

14. The Golden Goose In-Egg Scrambler14. The Golden Goose In-Egg Scrambler
Using centrifugal force this gadget scrambles the egg inside its shell and turns it into a ‘golden egg’. Why do we need scrambled eggs? Because they look  way prettier and taste way better!

15. The Umbrella Tea Infuser15. The Umbrella Tea Infuser
Now you can find a lot of cute and funny kitchen accessories in the stores. Here is another one. This umbrella tea infuser is perfect to use while drinking your cup of tea on a rainy day. And it’s very convenient, you can easily attach it to the edge of your tea cup.

16. The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock16. The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock
Good morning! This is probably the best ever alarm in the world because it wakes you up with freshly-brewed fragnant coffee. Finally, you can get your daily dose of morning coffee without leaving your bed. Why didn’t anybody think about inventing this machine before?



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