15 valentines day gadget gifts for your BF

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15 valentines day gadget gifts for your BF

Bet you’re tired of ordinary presents for Valentine’s Day. All these bears, candies and handmade cards… Enough! Guys are also waiting for your creative ideas in choosing a present. Make this St.Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your loved one. We took the best gadgets that every man will love! Choose the one you like and your man will surely appreciate this.

1) Runtastic Orbit (Activity, Fitness and Sleep Tracker)1) Runtastic Orbit (Activity, Fitness and Sleep Tracker)
This present will be a perfect decision for a person who cares about his health and his way of life. This gadget is working 24 hours and can track your sleep cycles, steps, burned calories, distance. Runtastic Orbit is waterproof so it’ll be perfect for swimming. Thanks to this gadget your man will monitor his daily activities and set new goals.

2) Xbox, Playstation,Wii2) Xbox, Playstation,Wii
Yes, men are children. All guys love video games. You know that your man is working hard and you want him to relax more and to be satisfied. This present is a good idea even for you. You can go in spa, make manicure and other girl stuff while he’s playing.

3) Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker3) Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
If your man loves music – you need to buy this gadget! He can enjoy music on the go and where he wants to. It connects to a smartphone or Bluetooth device and has a 7-hour rechargeable battery. Don’t stop the music in his life!

4) Homedics Back Massager4) Homedics Back Massager
If your man drives a car or he’s working a lot at home – this present is just perfect! He can use it at home or take it to his working place. This gadget manages lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

5) Home Planetarium Projector5) Home Planetarium Projector
Maybe your loved one is a romantic person, there is a gadget for such men too. You can enjoy a starry night just in your room with your spouse. What can be better?

6) RC Helicopter6) RC Helicopter
No matter how old is your partner, this present will definitely impress him. All men love remote control toys. There are a lot of helicopter types, so it’ll be easy to find the one your man will like.

7) Stonebake Pizza Oven7) Stonebake Pizza Oven
If you’re worrying that your man will be hungry when you’re not at home-buy this little pizza oven! Thanks to this he can cook either a fresh or frozen pizza in 5-10 minutes. And who don’t like pizza?

8) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

8) Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Yes, he doesn’t like to clean his house. With this gadget your man will clean all floors in his flat without lifting a finger. Such robots have an automated recharging and wall sensors. Also such vacuum cleaner won’t tumble down the stairs as it has cliff sensors. Your man will be surely thankful for such present.

9) The Leap Motion Controller9) The Leap Motion Controller
This present is perfect for men who love new technologies. It works with keyboard, trackpad, mouse. Your spouse can use it as he wants just with a wave of a hand:
– Build, sculp and mode 3D projects
– Read articles or look through photos
– Draw with his fingertip
-Play air guitar or other games

10) Beverage and Wine Chiller10) Beverage and Wine Chiller
This gadget chills beverages faster than the refrigerator. Chill a bottle of wine to 43°F in less than 6 minutes, and other beverages in 1-2 minutes. It’ll be perfect for parties or football time.

11) Contigo West Loop Travel Mug11) Contigo West Loop Travel Mug
It’s not just a simple cup. This mug is perfect for travelling, work and during driving a car. It keeps hot drinks for 4 hours and cold ones for 12 hours. It does not leak. This gift will be very useful

12) GoPro Hero12) GoPro Hero
If your man is an adventurer or a traveler, this will be the best present for him. Now it’s simple to capture and share his world and memories. This gadget proposes a high quality photos and video. It can withstand water, snow, and mud.

13) Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator13) Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator
Let’s face the truth: men love sex. So why don’t we present them some sex gadgets? One of the best gifts will be this finger vibrator. This gadget will help you and your partner to turn your touches into supernatural sensation. By the way, it’s a waterproof model.

14) SoundRacer14) SoundRacer
This present is ideal for guys who love fast sport cars but have just an old ‘Volvo’. A driver puts it into the cigarette lighter area and it’ll sound like a Ferrari with a V12 engine while driving.

15) HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile15) HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile
With this gadget you and your man can watch movies every time you want. And what is important- everywhere you want. It’s a tiny pocket-size projector and you can connect this gadget to any device and enjoy a movie.

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