10 Weirdest Home Remedies

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10 Weirdest Home Remedies

During the last century there are no beauty remedies that can surprise us. Seems we’ve really seen them all. Making a face blood injection? What a brilliant idea! Using the sheep placenta as a best way to look young and fresh? Well, it works wonders! What about putting some cellulite crème on the eyelids? Sounds good! Moisturizing hair with the mud? Sure thing! By the way my ‘favorite’ is the golden bath. I can’t even sleep knowing someone is bathing in pure gold.
All of the treatments above are lux to be sure. But I still can’t come to terms about it. Who could ever have a thought people actually pay through the nose for such unbelievable beauty therapies?
If you’re among those who are brave enough to try everything in the name of beauty. If you absolutely agree with a wise saying ‘Beauty has no pain’. Or if you’re just like me and want to have some fun, hoping it will help to become a little bit more beautilicious. Whatever! These 10 home beauty remedies sound totally off-the-wall, but ‘don’t knock it before you’ve tried it’. There is one point that’s indisputable, they will give you some ultra-benefits, but still promise to be interesting in application. Try to experiment with this cost-effective and really safe ideas that can be found within your fridge.

1. Coca-Cola Hair Hack1. Coca-Cola Hair Hack
It’s probably the most unexpected beauty recipe you’ve ever heard from Hollywood divas. Suky Waterhouse is the owner of well-groomed hair waves. One day she shared this wacky trick with ‘US Weekly’. We all know it’s impossible to get perfect waves having your hair washed. So all you need is to give a shot from a bottle of Coke to your hair, then tousle it with the fingers and blow dry – good to go!
Here’s what happened: Coke consists of sugar and phosphoric acid. Sugar makes the hair fuller by sticking the locks together. The hair cuticle tightens because of the low Ph and the curls become more defined.

2. Mayonnaise Hair Mask2. Mayonnaise Hair Mask
This absolute shape killer can reanimate your hair. Just imagine this forgotten item can appear on your shopping list. Bet you’ll be proud to buy it knowing the true purpose. (I felt really superior at checkout knowing it was going on my hair and not down my throat to add pounds to my slim body. Pity those who glob it on their sandwiches). I know it’s the first time you’ve heard it, but you don’t need to buy a low fat mayo for your hair. In fact the high fat mayo is actually better for applying on your hair! Prepare your hair with a little bit of warm water (it shouldn’t be soaking wet). Next, rub the mayo into your hair using as much as you think necessary for your length of hair, wrap the hair with a shower cap and a towel on the top. Catch the magic within 20 minutes. Don’t forget to wash it off!
Here is what happened: Mayo consists of egg yolks and olive oil. Both of them are natural sources of lean fat. That’s all you need to have your hair moisturized and glossy.

3. Baking Soda  For Fresh Breath3. Baking Soda For Fresh Breath
The embarrassing problem of bad breath is a condition we all have experienced. The piquant food, fizzy lemonades and bad habits leave their mark. Each one of us has our own ‘oral secret’, starting with the corn bubblegum and oral sprays to the expensive rinses and pills. You’ll lose nothing if you try this low cost method in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need is to add a small amount of baking soda onto your toothbrush and rinse it with water after brushing. To get a natural soothing oral cavity rinse just dissolve two teaspoons of soda in a glass of warm filtered water.
So don’t waste your time, go and kiss Him!
Here is what happened: Bicarbonate of soda balances the levels of acid in your mouth. Through the chemical compounds it works like a bactericide to beat the acid formations and microbes.

4. Eggs Shampoo4. Eggs Shampoo
In pursuit of shiny bouncing hair we are willing to pay unspeakable amounts of money. Also, girls are always on the lookout for something new that can do the job faster and better.
We won’t hesitate to ask a stranger who seems to possess perfect curles about what products she uses to get such terrific results. If I tell you to try egg yolks as a shampoo substitute, you may begin backing away from me as if I’m nuts! Have no fear, this is for real and I am NOT crazy! Mix 3 eggs with a small amount of war water, add 2 drops of olive oil and massage this brew into your scalp and for the full length of your hair. It all gets kinda foamy in 3-4 minutes!
Here is what happened: The egg yolks are full of proteins and unsaturated fats. Moreover they contain a natural cleaner – lecithin. That’s why it’s probably the only kitchen product that not only cures your hair but also makes it clean.

5. Fresh Meat Face Mask5. Fresh Meat Face Mask
Want some hardcore remedies? Here we go! It’s actually the weirdest home remedy you’ve ever heard about. If you’re among those fearless who will dare to try it, please send us photo evidence. The world should know the true heroes. This remedy was quite popular in the medieval period. The grand ladies of the time, were able to afford such a luxurious treatment. Now you have a chance to be a one hour-duchess with this method. You need to buy the veal fillet (the freshest one you can find) then beat it and refrigerate for the 10 minutes. Then carefully put it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Mmm…yummy!
Here is what happened: Fresh meat provides a rare species of proteins with a help of ragged fibers and blood cells. Raw meat gives your skin elasticity, nourishment and rejuvenation.

6. Tooth Paste for Acne6. Tooth Paste for Acne
Have you ever heard about this pimple treatment which you can keep handy all the time? I’m pretty sure that it’s not a good and healthy approach for everyday use. But what about extreme out-of-control situations? That’s the exact occasion to use this weird but marvelous method. Go for a white-colored paste because the active substances are contained in the white part only. Avoid tooth-whitening version because its bleaching components can hurt your skin. Remember that the best option is to choose an organic toothpaste. It contains no fluoride. To dry the pimple you need to apply a small amount of tooth paste on the inflamed area using a Q-Tip. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Enjoy the result!
Here is what happened: The toothpaste ingredients such as triclosen, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, aloe and tea-tree oil possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They constrict pores, effectively drying the pimple.

7. Beer To Brightened Up Hair7. Beer To Brightened Up Hair
Up to now you considered beer just an alcoholic beverage some people order at the bar. And, maybe you’re a beer-drinker. Now we’ll talk about using beer not for the gastronomic delight but as a beauty treatment. This trick comes from the gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones. Admit it’s impossible not to envy her tresses every time she appears in public. To get luscious and shiny hair all you need is to pour a glass or two (depends of your hair length) over your hair straight from the roots. Leave it for 5-7 minutes then rinse with cold water. To avoid the bad scent use your hair mask or conditioner. Some beauty experts even recommend to put some beer in a spray bottle and to use it like a post-washing conditioner. But what will you tell the police officer when he asks you ‘What is that smell of alcohol in your auto’? Probably you’ll flip up you gorgeous waves and smile.
Here is what happened: The miraculous secret of beer is a natural ingredient silica. This mineral adds volume and makes hair thick. Moreover beer consists of healthy nutrients like B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and rice proteins. Each one of them works wonders with your hair making it glossy from the first treatment.

8. Eyelid-Spoon8. Eyelid-Spoon
Spoons aren’t just for soup. Here is an alternative usage you’ll be lucky to know about. The sleepless nights, temporary water weight gain, stress and other factors converge to give us bags under our eyes. Those horrible puffy pouches that are so detracting for ladies. Next morning when you scream ‘OMG’ into your mirror, remember this odd yet remarkable treatment for“the puffies”. Freeze two tablespoons overnight. The next day just put the backs of the spoons on the eyelids close to the inner corner. Apply some pressure and hold it there for a few moments until the puffiness disappears.
Here is what happened: The cold metal constricts the pores and minimize the redness and eye contour puffiness.

9. Lemon For Blackheads9. Lemon For Blackheads
The next acne treatment is also cost-effective and is super-easy to do. The problem with blackheads is on the top of mid at the any age. Sure thing your esthetician cosmetologist is the one and only person who can beat those bad old blackheads perfectly. But there are a lot of alarming incidents when we need to be beautiful without taking the time for a visit to our esthetician. Just put a few drops of honey and a pinch of sugar on a half of lemon. Then gently rub it on your face, making the accent on the open-comedone areas. Watch the magic!
Here is what happened: The ascorbic acid, hesperetin and naringin nutrients have bio-active and absorbing effects. That’s why the blackheads are close to jumping off your skin once lemon touches them.

10. Mashed Potato  Face Mask10. Mashed Potato Face Mask
The diet plan of every calorie-conscious girl doesn’t include this vegetable. But the reason you need to add it to your shopping list is that it’s the best natural skin lightener. Just imagine a few pieces of potato (unfortunately not the French fries) will give your skin a well-groomed look at a cheap price. Moreover one mashed potato mask can replace the 3 procedures of skin toning. Take 2 middle-sized potatoes. Pick them clean and hit with a hot water. Mash it properly to get a smooth paste consistency. Add one tea spoon of olive oil and mix well. Apply it on your face after your normal cleansing procedure and enjoy with no calories.
Here is what happened: The potato is a rich source of vitamin C, carbohydrate, zinc and magnesium proteins. The complex of these ingredients has a straight influence on skin color pigments and makes the skin tone lighter. Moreover it possesses the drawn effect and works like a skin peel.

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