10 Unique Ideas for DIY Mother’s day gifts

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10 Unique Ideas for DIY Mother

You want your mom to remember this Mother’s day. But what do you prepare for her? The holiday is around the corner, so these last minutes ideas are just what you need! There’s no need to spend a lot of cash on them but if you put in significant effort, this special day will become one of the most memorable! Do your best and make a fabulous gift!

Lotion barsLotion bars
Fantastic and useful present, especially in spring. These are good for warding off rough skin after a cold winter and get rid of that annoying dryness. The bars aren’t expensive to make and are totally safe, unlike the ones you can buy in stores. The most exciting thing about the lotion bars is the creating process! You can choose your mom’s favorite fragrance, funny looking molds and different additives, like ground chocolate, coffee, oatmeal (for scrub effect), etc. The main recipe requires only a few ingredients: Shea (or cocoa) butter, olive (coconut) oil and beeswax. Melt these ingredients and put additives in the mixture, if needed. Then pour the liquid into your molds. The lotion bars will take only several hours to harden. After releasing them, decorate your bars with beautiful paper, ribbons, or create nice printable labels for them. Ready!

10 Unique Ideas for DIY Mother’s day gifts

Mother’s day plants
Beautiful flowers on Mother’s day is always a great idea! Decorating a bouquet is a fun and creative process where you can use your imagination to the max. Try yourself as a florist. Wrap the bouquet with unusual paper, or pick a stylish vase. It doesn’t have to be a bouquet of cut flowers. Choosing living plants is the best way to make your present last much longer. Why only flowers? Buy an original Bonsai tree that is a symbol of good fortune, balance, age, and harmony. This miniature-scale tree will please the eye every day! Add a special toolkit for Bonsai to your plant to complete the gift or cheer up your mother with a lemon tree! Use fabrics, ribbons, paint or sharpies to decorate the pot according to your mom’s color preferences or home design.

10 Unique Ideas for DIY Mother’s day giftsA nice breakfast
There is no more delicious way to say “I love you” on the Mother’s day than preparing her a meal by yourself. Surprise your mom with delicious unusual-looking foods. Here are some of the best ideas: heart-shaped eggs, sandwiches or pancakes, French toast or spinach quiche. Don’t forget the dessert: mousse pie with your mother’s favorite berries, ice cream, peanut butter cake, shortcake jellies. Make her favorite coffee or tea. Your mom will appreciate the effort!

Scrapbook with memoriesScrapbook with memories
Apparently, you have loads of heartwarming family photos. Why not make a beautiful photo scrapbook with the stories behind them? To decorate your scrapbook, download some cute clip art from the internet, buy beautiful ribbons, stickers, and patterned paper. Some modern handmade stores give us lots of different creative options, so you can create a stylish scrapbook from scratch.

Handmade accessoriesHandmade accessories
How about making some stylish wooden bracelets made of the color your mother adores? Buy a few plain shaped wooden bracelets in your local craft store. They will cost you only up to $3 each. Design them to your taste: draw polka dot or try simple lines. Use duct tape to make your lines appear more accurate.

DiY candlesDIY candles
This is a romantic accessory that will make any home a super cozy place. Candles are easy to make; choose any shape using special molds, your mother’s favorite colors and scents. Make as many candles as you want, add some decorative details, such as birch bark, decorative ropes, fabrics, etc.

DIY glass vaseDIY glass vase
Women love flowers. This handmade gift will become the best reason to keep more flowers at home. To make a DIY glass vase, you will need to use mason jars, wine bottles, or any other glass containers that will be able to hold flowers. Mason jars will work the best here. Now paint the container in the color you want and add some decorative details. The white color vase will look super elegant and sophisticated with any flowers in it. Put mom’s favorite flowers into the vase and give it to her. She will love it for sure!

Canvas shopping bagCanvas shopping bag
This DIY gift is not unique but extremely environment-friendly. Make your mom forget about those plastic bags. If you have drawing skills or simply like to draw – the handmade process will be a pleasure for you! Where do you even get a canvas bag? Try ordering one on eBay or visit handmade stores, you will surely find one with no prints on it. Use acrylic paint for drawing; it works best on fabric like this. It’s better to draw the design on a sheet of paper before applying the paint on a bag. Also, use stencils that you can make by yourself so you won’t accidentally spoil the bag.

DIY Note cardsDIY Note cards
Express your feelings for your mother with cute Mother’s Day cards. And you don’t have to buy an ordinary card in store. Make one using a few cards and some decorative stuff. Stick some beautiful dried flowers and ribbon bows on it or add a photo of your young mother. Write down the reasons why you love your mom and thank her for the wonderful life she gave you. Also, you can use some good quotes on the internet that will perfectly fit your mom.

Jewelry boxJewelry box
Such a useful gift for any woman! This one will cost you up to $16, but the result will amaze! Use a simple rectangular lockable tin box. Use a basic decoupage process to decorate the box. Craft a beautiful top using fabrics and bows, write a nice quote for your mom on it if you want. Make dividers with a decorative cardboard. Now your mom will enjoy storing her treasure in a cute box made with your hands and all the love!


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