10 Reasons To Do Plank Exercises

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10 Reasons To Do Plank Exercises

The Plank may seem like a really simple exercise. But if you haven’ tried it before, you probably didn’t feel the real power of it. There are a lot of benefits for this kind of exercise that will help you to get and maintain an awesome body shape. Check out the main guides on how to perform a plank correctly. Here are some inspiring reasons to add planks to your workout routine.

1) Simple and static.
Learning the proper plank position is simple and you don’t need to remember how to repeat difficult moves. You can do a plank at home without visiting a gym.
First of all, it involves maintaining a difficult position in which your body weight is held up by the hands (or forearms), elbows and toes for a certain period of time.
Let’s start with the basic technique. Start from a push-up position. Get your feet together. Now bend your elbows and transfer your weight onto your forearms instead of your hands. Your elbows should be under your shoulders. The most important thing here is keeping your body straight, pretending your body is a single rigid plank from the top to the bottom. Contract your abs, keep your body flat for 30 seconds. If you want to feel amazing results, don’t forget to practice planks every day increasing the duration beyond the initial 30 second interval.

2) Easy to modify.
Planks are not boring! There are a few variations of a plank that influence different muscles of your body. You can try a side plank, a push-up plank, one-legged plank and those with a cardio element. The push-up plank looks like this: start in a push-up position, your arms should be straight. You don’t need to bend them now. Just set your body straight and hold in this position up to one minute. To increase the intensity of the plank, lift one leg a few inches off the floor. Now the cardio element: do 10 lifts, and then switch legs. You will get even more benefits from this type of a plank.

3) There is no special equipment required.
But you can use different variations of it to make the exercise even more difficult and thus more effective. For an advanced exercise you can perform planks using the stability ball. It requires holding balance while doing an exercise. This exercise is harder, than you think, but the results are fast and nothing short of spectacular. Start with your belly on the ball; roll the ball forward until you end up with the ball supporting your shins and your hands supporting your upper body. Your shoulders should be stacked directly above your elbows. Contract your abs and try to hold for 5 seconds.

4) Planks burn more calories.
Yes, planks not only help to strengthen and stabilize the core muscles, they also use major muscle groups in the legs, arms, and the glutes. Doing planks will help you burn more calories than sit-ups or crunches. If you like total hardcore training with a maximum calorie burn, do advanced plank exercises, each one for 30 seconds (up to 1 minute), then repeat as a set of ten or twelve reps.

5) Planks increase your flexibility throughout your body.
They is just a great way to stretch out the back of the body and legs. While doing the exercise, you stretch the arches of your feet and your hamstrings that form the back of your thighs. Side planks help to stretch out your sides. So you get stretching and strength training in one. It’s an awesome ultimate toner for your body!

6) Planks improve your balance and sports performance.
Doing planks, you test your balance and improve it as well. If you want to work more on you balance performance, you definitely should practice side planks or planks on a stability ball. Yes, they are a real challenge for inexperienced girls, but with regular training sessions you will get unbelievable results.
Practicing planks develops the strength of your midsection, upper-body and lower-body muscles increasing your sport performance and general well-being.

7) Flat stomach.
Every girl wants it. And you can have it, because planks work every muscle in your core completely; that includes your six-pack muscles, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, back and hips. Know that well-trained core muscles help to ease back pain and help balance.

8) Good posture, strong back.
Training core muscles aids in a good posture and helps prevent degenerative disc disease which is one of the most common back problems. Performing planks correctly and with appropriate repetition will create support for your lower back as you learn to engage your abdominals. You will get rid of the pain in the shoulders and between the shoulder blades, which happens due to carrying bags or prolonged sitting.

9) Safe exercise.
Planks are not a dangerous exercise, but still you need to be sure you’re doing it right. By the way, many athletes who train for distance running or triathlons prevent the risk of overuse injuries by adding the plank to their exercise program.

10) Lifted, perfect glutes, firm arms and legs.
Your glutes and leg muscles will work hard even with the classic style plank. If you want a faster result, perform planks with leg lifts. This is also the perfect way to reduce cellulite. It’s hard to believe but the plank pumps up biceps and triceps at the same time, so this is the best way to achieve toned, terrific arms.

What are you waiting for? Start your plank exercise program now!

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