10 No-Sweat Beauty Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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10 No-Sweat Beauty Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer heat can cause wreak havoc with your hair and makeup. It’s not really that good for you in general, but we’ve already talked about health tips and essentials for the summer first aid kit in previous articles. Let’s concentrate on beauty tips today. You might be jumping for joy because of the sunny weather but what about your makeup and hair? Make up tends to melt in the heat and hair either frizzes up or loses volume. If you don’t want all your efforts to go to waste try these no-swear beauty tips.

Prevent shine1 Prevent shineIf you don’t want to look like a grease ball this summer here’s a few tips for you. Change up your face-cleaning routine. Switch the creamy face wash to a foamy one. It’s also a good idea to switch your face cream to an oil-free formula, preferably with a lot of SPF. If you know that you have oily skin – carry around blotting papers. They really help with combating shine. Don’t try to cover up shine with a lot of powder. Your face will sweat and the powder will either melt off or clump on you and look all cakey. Instead throw your powder into your purse and freshen up when you need to, but only lightly powder the center of your face.

Go waterproof and smudgeproof
2 Go waterproof and smudgeproofTrust me, it’s really embarrassing when your mascara runs or your eyeliner smudges in the summer and people keep asking you if you’ve been crying. There’s no cool or nice way of saying “Oh no, don’t worry, I’m not upset, it’s just really hot and I’m sweating profusely”. No one wants to hear that. So save yourself some embarrassment and just use waterproof and smudge proof products. Not only will they save you from the nightmare that is “melting panda eyes” but they will also last longer.

Lighter layersFond de teint appliquŽ au pinceau sur la joue. mr25.pdfThis doesn’t only apply to clothes, ladies. You can also do light layers with makeup. Instead of using thick foundation try using a tinted moisturizer. Your skin will breathe better and therefore won’t sweat as much. Same goes for lipstick. There’s no use in rich creamy lipsticks in the summer. You’re just setting yourself up for disaster. You could try a light lip gloss, but if you plan on going to the beach, be prepared to have bits of your hair stuck to your mouth. The best option is lip stain. It lasts longer, it doesn’t smudge and it looks more natural.

Cream eyeshadow4 Cream eyeshadowThis might sound surprising for some of us, but cream eyeshadow works better in the summer heat. When I first heard this I thought it sounded a bit counterintuitive, but turns out it’s true. Powder shadows tend to crease like crazy. Your eyelids produce more oils when it’s hot and it makes the powder eyeshadows clump together. Not a very good look. However, the consistency of cream eyeshadows make them more durable during summer. Plus you get that beautiful glossy look on your eyelids, who doesn’t want that, right? To further prevent any creasing make sure to use eyeshadow primer. In fact, make sure you use makeup primer all over your face.

Be good to your hair
Black woman playing with hairTry to avoid using heat tools on your hair. It’s being damaged enough by the sun, you really don’t need add to it. If your hair loses volume in the summer, try using a clarifying shampoo and only putting conditioner on your ends. That should add some volume to the roots of your hair. If you have curly hair or struggle with frizz, make sure to moisturize your hair. Treat yourself to a moisturizing hair mask once a week and try using leave-in conditioner on regular basis.

Wear a hat6 Wear a hatIf you can’t be bothered to deal with your hair just wear a hat. It’s in style this year and you’ll look fabulous without having to put in effort. A hat will protect your head from a sun stroke and will add bohemian chic to your outfit. However, if you feel like your head’s getting sweaty underneath the hat, wash it as soon as possible of whip out some  dry shampoo. Apparently the combination of sweat and heat underneath the hat can cause your hair colour to become brassy. But that’s just if you colour your hair. If your hair hasn’t been bleached or coloured you should be fine.

Updos7 UpdosIf you think that hats don’t suit you, which is ridiculous, everyone can wear a hat, you just have to find the right hat, I have a solution for you. Updos. They’re very efficient. You can put your hair up into a messy bun and it will save you from the “sweaty neck syndrome” and make you look adorable at the same time. You can also just braid your hair or make a braided bun. That will look more structured and will keep your hair out of your face, which is always good in the summer. Or you can go for an intricate updo for a classy look. It’s all up to you really. The point is that updos will save you from the heat and make you look like you put effort in. Either way it’s a win win situation.

Setting spray8 Setting spraySetting spray is your best friend during the summer heat. It’s both refreshing and it’ll keep you make up from melting off your face. I was always skeptical of setting spray. I thought the best option during summer is to wear very minimal makeup or no makeup at all. That way you won’t have to worry about your face melting off and you can smother yourself in sunscreen. I still follow my own minimal makeup philosophy most days, but now I know that there’s always an option of using setting spray in case i need to put makeup on for an even or just cause I feel like it that day.



Lip balm9 Lip balmA lot of us tend to think that lip balm is only for those times it’s really windy outside. We tend to think that the only thing it does it keep our lips from getting chapped. Well, that’s not the case. Lipbalm also keeps your lips hydrated. It’s essential in the summer. We tend to put sunscreen all over us, but when it comes to our lips we just forget. Don’t make that mistake again. Get yourself some good lipbalm with SPF 15 in it and protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun.



Nail polish
Close up of woman holding fingernail polish bottles in nail salonBright polished nails are always in trend during summer. It’s great if you can afford to go get your nails done at the salon, but if you don’t – here’s a tip for you. Nail polishes tend to either dry out or form bubbles in the heat. So if you have a favorite nail polish for the summer – keep it in the fridge. I’ll prolong the lifetime of that nail polish and keep it smooth and bubble free. Plus, it’ll feel all nice and cool on your nails when you apply it.



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