10 Fitness Gadgets

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10 Fitness Gadgets

If you are the one whose heart belongs to fitness go ahead and read this. The fitness industry is not like the fashion business. There are no vintage things – it’s always about NEW. The new and sensational ideas are born during the process of the morning cardio session, during the healthy low-calorie lunch or on the way to a full-hour of yoga. We try to do our best with our bodies. We’re always open to trying something new but still keep up our regular success formula (wholesome foods + challenging workout = happy tummy and beach-ready body). But what if there is low or God-forbid “no” motivation on our part? What if your workout routine becomes annoying?
Take a look at these 10 sensational gadgets that could help you to get wild about working out!
Happy sweating!

1. Valencell V-LINC Earbuds1. Valencell V-LINC Earbuds
It will take your motivational sounds to the highest heights. You’ll rock to your favorite workout tracks while these techie ear buds measures your physical and biometric data. Your heart rate, distance, calories burn and other data will be synchronized right to your smart phone – how cool is that?




2. SmartMat — Intelligent Yoga Mat2. SmartMat — Intelligent Yoga Mat
This sensor, portable and rollable yoga mat helps to improve and refine your yoga practice by detecting your balance and alignment. It works both with iOS and Android to give you full feedback from your yoga class. It will tell you if you’re doing the pose wrong and how to adjust your body to the correct position.

3. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale review3. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale review
FitBit is a blessed God-sent gadget. It can’t be compared with the simple bathroom scale. Using this brilliant gadget you won’t ever have any doubts about your weight. Just connect it to your laptop and you’re ready to calculate your body mass index, pounds you lost and even the set of your weight goals and priorities.

4. Kitchen digital scales4. Kitchen digital scales
It’s the essential fitness gadget because it measures your food portions according to your eating plan and watches the intake of fat and salt. There is a large range of digital scales to choose from. You can choose between expensive ones or simple EatSmart models. Just choose a list of features you need – such as a scale that will:

  • Calculate calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber & cholesterol
  • Give you nutritional information for the foods & liquids
  • Synchronize the data needed for your eating diary, sending it to your smart phone or tablet

5. Spree5. Spree
Spree Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is the only workout device that is monitoring the temperature of your body. So you get an effective workout without risk of over heating. It syncs with your smart phone to record all your workouts, and shows your fitness progress. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the gym or riding a bike outside it will take your fitness regimen to a new level by controlling the vital elements of the workout.

6. Jawbone up6. Jawbone up
It’s actually the most popular fitness gadget. This wristband tracks the distance, calories, steps, motion and more. All you need is to sync it with your iPhone and choose your favorite color for this sleekly designed model.

7. HAPIfork7. HAPIfork

I’m pretty sure you know that eating fast leads to poor weight control. That’s the reason you need this smart fork. It will be your ‘bodyguard’ that monitors and tracks all your eating habits. Here are the main benefits of this must-have utensil:

  • It measures the hand-to-mouth movements
  • Measure the interval between the servings
  • Keeps track of the total time it took to eat your meal
  • It interacts with the data platform of your choice – PC/Android/iPhone

8. Sensoria Smart Sock8. Sensoria Smart Sock
Exercising with Sensoria Socks means learning more about your body. The socks are made of fabrics that can easily go through the wash. With a special magnet synchronized to your smart phone, Sensoria Smart Socks will help you know how far, how fast and how well you jump and run.

9. The Geonaute Action Camera9. The Geonaute Action Camera
It’s absolutely a genius device to record sports footage. It captures 360-degree video
and makes images with 3 wide-angle lenses to create seamless shots ensuring you don’t miss any action.

10. Runner-up - TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio10. Runner-up: TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio
This excellent gadget says ‘No’ to the old-school chest strips. It’s a genius GPS watch with a heart-rate monitor freeing you from touching anything else. It will control the heart-rate zone, plot your run spots on the map and record your workout performance.

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