10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas

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10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1

Ah yes, it’s Easter time – get prepared to gather those lovely bold eggs, but first you have to come up with the fresh ideas how to decorate them for Easter, before it’s too late and you’ll merely decide to dunk them in dye the way you do it every single year. Don’t pretend being a lazy-bones, this traditional method is not gonna work this year. It’s high time to take your Easter eggs one step further thanks to these inexpensive yet extremely creative ideas.

1. Ombre Eggs
10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1This is the hottest dyeing technique that I’ve seen so far. Ombre has become a really popular trend in fashion world and decor in recent years. It refers to a gradation of a single color in a garment on an object. So why not get inspired with this voguish method and bring it to your Easter celebration. In fact there are several ways of achieving an ombre effect. You can use this technique either on a single egg or on a group of eggs by dyeing each in graduating tones to achieve an overall ombre result.

2. Black and White Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1This design is so simple yet incredible, especially with this massive black and white graphic trend going on right now. Black and white egg design in either iteration looks classy, bright and sophisticated, and is amazingly easy to create. You can make b/w polka dots, stripes, patterns, letters or even chalkboard paint eggs that simply inspire your originality.

3. Mustache Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1These funny mustache eggmen are so easy to make that you’ll get a huge kick out of doing them especially together with your kids. These little mustaches give the eggs a totally classy look. By and large, it is a mustache that rules the world this year. Just grab some scissors, black electrical tape and voila.

4. Hipster Easter Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1Seriously, how awesome are these guys?
These Easter eggs look so cute and funny. Printable tattoo paper give you unlimited freedom in making them. I already see how kids will be excited about the opportunity to give their eggs a trendy tattoo, while teens will fall for these hipster-ish designs.

5. Bling Bling Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1Wanna make fabulous eggs this Easter? Go to the nearest craft store, get blings or sparkles that you like the most and give your eggs a really special look by gluing some sparkle dots or adding a little bling. These design ideas are great to decorate an Easter tree or even for an egg hunt.

6. Spring inspired Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1These sophisticated paper flower cutouts will make the egg pretty and adorable. Make sure to use pastel paint which will create the perfect canvas. If you want a more romantic look, try to cover the whole egg with these tiny flowers.

7. Au Naturel10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1Trust me, you’ll be able to find all the ingredients for this unique design in your kitchen. All you have to do is glue small seeds, rice, beans, nuts and even pasta onto eggs. It is a great idea to create outstanding designs and textures.

8. Lace Patterned Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1It seems that the whole world got obsessed with lace! Lace in all its forms. Don’t you think that it’s high time to add some style to your eggs and give them a lace pattern. You just have to cover eggs in lace and simply dunk them in dye. Another option is to wrap eggs with only the lace where you are looking for something more elegant.

9. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1Making silk died eggs are way cooler than those mugs of dyeing liquid that end up splashed all over your clothes, your hands and your kitchen. In addition it serves as a good excuse to get rid of those ugly old-fashioned ties in your man’s closet. But make sure that you use a 100% silk tie.

10. Metallic Easter Eggs10 Easter Eggs Creative Ideas 1And the last but not the least of our cool ideas I want to share with you is gold or silver dipped Easter eggs. These colors will give your eggs a really divine look. Want something voguish and unique? Choose the best design that fits your current mood- polka dots, stripes or more complicated patterns will work really well. If you are not in the mood to draw anything, dye the whole egg with metallic, trust me, it gonna be a hit at your egg hunt.

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