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Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups

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Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups




Who does not like the cheesecake ? it is one of the tastiest cakes that suits for the atmosphere of the hot summer and also the winter as well, but the preparation may need several steps and many of the ingredients, so we today we are going to prepare it with a simplified manner and with of a few components and did not need a lot of time, where it can be prepared in cups without the need for baking in the oven.

Preparation time: a quarter of an hour.
Cooking time: ten minutes.
Number of persons: 2

– 4 pieces of Savoy biscuits .
– 300 grams of creamy cheese.
– Grated lemon and lemon juice.
– Big Three tablespoons of powder sugar .
– 200 grams of freezer black and red cherry .

cheesecake cups

– crush  biscuits so well, and placed in cups.
– mix the creamy cheese with powdered sugar,with grated lemon and lemon juice.
– The mixture is distributed in the cups, and put on biscuits.
– Mix half the amount of cherries in a blender with a tablespoon of sugar and lemon juice.
– put cherry mixture over cheese.
– Cake cups adorn by the rest of the non-cherry mixture.
– Cups are placed in the fridge to cool and serve.

Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups

Calories: 681
Fat: 48
Saturated fat: 35
Cholesterol: 71
Carbohydrates: 55
Protein: 12

Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups

  We hope you like our special and yummy recipe for you today.


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