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Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair

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Some women think that getting rid of hair permanently using natural mixtures is not possible, but this is not true, “What woman needs” will give you a recipe that will help you in removing hair forever.

Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair

As is known, the emergence of excess or unwanted hair in some places causes major embarrassment for any lady. Hair growth is due to several factors, including genetic factors, or taking some certain medications, but there are plenty of ways to remove hair, but most of them are not guaranteed, While natural recipes of hair removal is still the safest and least expensive, among these recipes is applying the bitter lupine!

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Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair
Ground bitter lupine has several benefits, including getting rid of excess hair, treatment of constipation and gas, as it is a diuretic, eliminates intestinal worms and improves digestion.


As for the benefits of ground bitter lupine for skin: It treats skin problems such as acne, pallor, through mixing it with an egg yolk, mix the mixture well.As well as getting rid of the unwanted hair permanently.

Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair

Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair

Method of hair removal permanently by using bitter lupine:
All you need to do is: ground lupine, some water, and a bottle.
1. Put a cup of ground bitter lupine with 4 cups of water in a pot, leave the mixture for a full day. Use a bitter lupine bitter and not the “sweet” one, because it will help stopping hair growth.
2. liquid the water and put it in a bottle, Apply on your skin areas for 3 weeks after the complete removal of hair in the traditional way.
3. You can also use this solution on maintaining the facial skin, but we do not recommend it for the dry skinned women, because it increases its dryness.

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Use Bitter lupins to reduce unwanted hair

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