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Top healthy food Protect your skin

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Beautiful skin need to  cosmetic products care from the outside, as well as useful foods from the inside, because beauty based on cosmetic beauty products isn’t complete, you need the inside care as well, “What woman needs” provide you with the best healthy foods that will protect your skin;

healthy food Protect your skin

healthy food Protect your skin

healthy food Protect your skin

It’s  fiber-rich vegetables, Eat it on a regular basis, because it’s believed that it maintain the health of the skin and makes the skin more luminous, it has a great ability to fight oxidation, which have been added to many cosmetic products to enter it in various ointments combination.


This unique type of vegetable contains vitamins B, C, E, K and A and it is working to achieve the freshness of the skin and renew the affected tissue, eat it raw or cooked steamed to ensure no loss the inside vitamins.

healthy food Protect your skin

It contains high amounts of vitamin E, so it is very important to the vitality and brightness of your skin, the vitamin C found in avocados on a certain percentage fight skin infections, while it contains oils, which are working to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the durability and skin quality, and finally, avocados will moisten the skin.

It’s of the precious food, it compensates the lack of zinc, selenium which are the basic role in the fight against skin problems, selenium enhances the ability of white blood cells and supported to fight diseases, is regarded as vitamin E, copper, potassium, calcium and iron , the basics to the health skin and its balance.

Red grapes
Red grapes have a lot of natural anti-oxidant properties , it treats skin infections such as eczema, etc. It help control the side effects for the reactions resulting from allergies.

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