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The secrets of Indian women silky skin and hair

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skin and hair

When we speak of Indian beauty, turn on mind the image of women that have bright skin free of impurities and defects, and also characterize with her shiny and healthy hair . In fact, Indian women picked up over many generations secrets and recipes to preserve the beauty across the ages, and that it is necessary to apply them yourself and add them on your beauty daily routine.


Amla Oil: Indian women use this oil for decades, and apply it to her scalp to get thick , strong and shiny hair. Massage your scalp with this natural oil before showering and leave for a period of time even two hours before the wash. You can also replace the balsam of Amla oil and apply it on the hair for 15 minutes after the shampoo.

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Turmeric: is a kind of types of Ginger , used in abundance in India to fight wrinkles and signs of aging. Mix turmeric powder with rice flour, milk and tomato juice , and apply this mixture on your face for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

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Limes: Many Indian women scrub their skin to get rid of the black acne and spots and the result is guaranteed and fast. Lemon juice is also used to get rid of dry skin, as it mixes with honey and olive oil and apply on the face to give it more brighter and freshness.

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Rose water: Indian women used it frequently to get rid of puffiness under the eye. All you have to do is put a little of it on piece of cotton and leave them on your eyes for some time.

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Coconut oil: Indian women do not discipline it, but always use it to keep her hair so long. Applied to the roots of hair  for about an hour before showering to get that tufts reflect the vitality and health. You can also use this oil to get rid of cracks feet, as all you have to do is apply  on the heel and foot , then wear socks all night and you will be surprise the result in the morning!

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