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All you need to know about Body Code diet

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Each diet or lifestyle or exercise program may not suit all groups, people differ in the degree of metabolism or burn calories, so classified people into two types, namely Who have strong muscle structure who require a few protein diet based on eating vegan foods, and have to do more physical activity, or those with weaker muscle structure who needs to do less physical activity and to eat protein and carbohydrates. today, “What woman needs” present you a healthy diet program for people with strong muscle structure: “Body code diet”, here’s a program of it:

All you need to know about Body Code diet

Body Code diet

– Breakfast: Full breakfast cereal with skim milk and cherry jam
– Food: cooked vegetables with fresh vegetable soup and a dish of salad as well as a half cup of brown rice
– Dinner: a plate of pasta prepared from whole wheat, with Fresh Tomato Salad


The proposals diet for those with weaker muscle structure:
– Breakfast: two slices of toast, with strawberry jam and a piece of Cheddar cheese
– Lunch: 200 grams of skim roast beef, and a dish of salad, a piece of bread made from brown flour, and half a cup of brown rice
– Dinner: Large sandwich of tuna salad and watercress as well as a fruit

All you need to know about Body Code diet

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