Mosaic Jewelry Inspired By Romantic Life

My name is Irene, I’m a happy wife and mother, and I embody romantic mood in my creations.

Nature motifs, flowers, birds and animals are the keynote of my jewelry collections. I enjoy observing things around me, breathing fresh air, and listening to the birds chirping over my head. The wires turn into blooming branches in my hands, beads are formed to the mosaic on birds and butterflies. And animals as if alive in flower collages, which I like to use for the Instagram photos.

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Hummingbirds mosaic pendants

Blue bird of of good luck and happiness

Blossom almond tree branch

Vintage bicycle necklace

Butterfly hoop earrings

Bohemian necklace with owl pendant

Romantic necklace “Bicycle with flowers”

Bird of dream in pastel colors

Flowering hair forks

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