List of harmful Foods Combining you should avoid

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A lot of people used to eat and combine certain foods together , such as bread, jam, tea or milk, or fruit after a meal, believing that these foods become tastier when ingested bilaterally. But many of those people do not know that these “diodes” of foods may be harmful to the body, as the organic compounds, in some cases, may in disable some of them, what makes the nutrients in each category is effective, as it prevent the body from taking advantage of the food elements , and sometimes accompanied by a feeling of bloat, or high blood sugar.

harmful Foods Combining

The following are some examples of “bilateral” food, that are harmful to the body when ingested them together:

_ Tea, milk: Tea is rich of the anti-protective oxidation of the disease, which combine with proteins in the milk, what makes the body unable to absorb them, while  the caffeine in tea is hampering stomach’s ability to absorb calcium, and the result is free from most of the benefits of a drink.

List of harmful Foods Combining you should avoid

_ Fruit after meals: Many believe that eating fruits after a meal is one of the few calorie sweetener way. But eating fruit after a heavy meal will make them stay in the stomach for a long period of time, leading to ferment them and lose their usefulness.

harmful Foods Combining 

List of harmful Foods Combining you should avoid
_ Jam and bread: simple carbohydrates cause a rapid leaps in sugar levels in more complex carbohydrates on the blood. The simple carbohydrates is as sugars and sweets, white bread and French fries, soft drinks and others. Eating these foods together will cause high sugar levels in the blood, will exhaust the body in an attempt to return the level of the normal range, may cause injury diabetes in the long run.

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