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Important health tips for the Genetics obesity

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Medical reports of the “American Center for Disease Control and Prevention ” revealed that an individual inherits one-third of its properties bodily from his father, and the second part of the mother, while depends last third on the vital functions of the individual, explains the readiness of the body to gain more weight, if there is fat people in the family
In turn, experts said that the genetic defect that may affect some of the glands, may cause a shortage of certain enzymes which affect the metabolism of fat.

Genetics obesity

From this perspective, this report advises individuals who are overweight because of genetics, as well as those who have the willingness genetically to gain weight to:
| Eat three main meals a day, that contain protein and the needed fiber to lend the body of vitamins and minerals.

Important health tips for the Genetics obesity
| Drink beverages before or after main meals, in order to fill the stomach and reduce the desire to eat snacks.
| Not exceeded eating a big dish of green salad (added a little extra olive oil) per day, and a bowl of hot vegetable soup, for lunch and dinner, with the aim of reducing the amount of main dish.
| Adding certain foods to your daily diet, such as peanut butter or almond butter, whole grains and breakfast cereals made from whole wheat and raw nuts.

Genetics obesity

Important health tips for the Genetics obesity
| Reduce the amount of fat in the main meals, which bringing the seriousness of the risk for heart disease and cancers, as well as obesity.
| Regular moderate exercise to ensure getting rid of calories and stimulate the body to raise the metabolic rate of warming. Note that irregular & simple physical exercise is useless to overweight.

Important health tips for the Genetics obesity

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