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Healthy tips increase your metabolism

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Do you know that while your body building muscles, you need to boost your metabolism, as at the age of  35, your muscles began to lose more and more, here are some healthy tips will help you on this job naturally:

Healthy tips increase your metabolism

Try to drink cold water most of times, as while drinking cold water, your body will do some energy to warm the water.

Try to divide your meals, rather than eating main 3 mails, it’s preferred to have small quantity meal every 2- 3 hours in order to boost your metabolism.

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Healthy tips increase your metabolism

Try to have a quick walk after every meal, this trick will effectively increases the rate of metabolism on your body.


Green tea has a lot of benefits to your health and fitness, it’s a natural herb has the ability to activate your metabolism rate and as a result , you are going to lose weight and get the perfect fitness.

Healthy tips increase your metabolism

Do you like spicy food? Add hot pepper into your food, the capsaicin material, which is found in peppers boost your body and your metabolism as well.

Healthy tips increase your metabolism

protein is an effective way to boost your metabolism, you should add it into your diet on any kind of protein such as , fish, eggs, legumes, nonfat diary food for building your muscles

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Don’t forget to get the good sleep hours 7 -9 daily at night, try to ensure to have them on regular time every night, in order to motivate your muscles building.

Healthy tips increase your metabolism

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