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Green banana is the best fruit for weight loss

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After in-depth studies lasted about 15 years, Rodney Belton, professor of biochemistry at the Liverpool John Moores University, have discovered amazing facts about what to eat from the food, and what to keep away for the strength body and better health.


At the top of the list of foods that are recommended taking it to lose weight is the green banana, because it contains a sufficient amount of resistant starch rich in soluble fiber in the body. Banana is unparalleled with other fruits, it is unique that is not stored in the body, eating a lot of it does not lead to any increase in weight, and it does not hurt people with diabetes, because it does not cause a rise in blood sugar starch absolutely. Eating green banana also helps to lose weight, which stimulates the secretion of the hormone of Glucagon which helps to burn fat.

Green banana is the best fruit for weight loss

Green banana is the best fruit for weight loss

Belton also stressed, in his study, part of its results published on the newspaper “Daily Mail”, that bananas will be more useful and effective when ingested an incomplete maturation completely.
The official organization for body science in Australia had been recommended to eat 20 grams of resistant starch per day to enjoy better health. Among the other foods that recent study are recommended by dealing with also vegetables and whole grains and high-fiber foods.

Green banana is the best fruit for weight loss

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