Flaws Are the New Perfect: How Your Flaws Make You Interesting

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“I like flaws. I think they make things interesting.” (Sarah Dessen)

Flaws Are the New Perfect How Your Flaws Make You InterestingSomeone once might have confused perfection for beauty. And that’s how it went. People tried to look for perfection, striven for perfection, created the rules of perfection. However, times change. Today we are tired of perfection. Or at least we got realistic that it doesn’t exist in its pure sense. Today we know that beauty has different shapes, different colors and different forms. Want some proof? Just look at these flaws that make each of us unique, attractive, and interesting in a way.

Missing Limb
1 Missing LimbThis has always been a serious flaw, not only for a person’s beauty, but for a lifestyle. Losing a limb meant your life is changed forever and you are not able to get back to normal. However, now a missing limb is a flaw that allows you to get over and lead an active life. It shows others how in spite of everything you can be beautiful, and keep fit. A world’s first amputee model Viktoria Modesta is an example of such perfect balance between inner and outer beauty, with her courage that overcomes any weaknesses.

2 FrecklesYes, your face doesn’t look so pure and spotless. However there are no two faces with the same pattern of freckles. Just think about it. Mother Nature makes freckled people unique by giving them their very own unique pattern. What’s more – red haired freckled girls look “fiery” hot, don’t you think?

Gap between Teeth3 Gap between TeethMadonna, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Georgia May Jagger… we can go on with this list full of gorgeous gap toothed celebs. The stars think that this gap makes them look natural and brings certain charm to their image. So, don’t rush to your dentist to fix that flaw. It is actually really cute and adds childish naivety to your smile.

Crossed Eyes

4 Crossed EyesBack in times ancient Mayans considered crossed eyes to be beautiful. Today we think about good eyesight more. However slightly cross eyed people, especially women, are still in trend. There is some crookedness and mystery in the sight. And definitely this flaw adds to your originality.

Asymmetrical Face5 Asymmetrical FaceIt is hard to find perfect symmetry in nature. Even the wings of a butterfly are asymmetrical. That’s why symmetry feels unnatural and boring. We strive for something more live, something that is beautiful in spite of rules. That is why asymmetrical faces are more interesting. A slightly bigger right eye, a crooked smile – that’s what we remember about people, and that’s what adds originality to each of the million faces.



WrinklesProfile portrait of senior female in sports topWrinkles are unavoidable flaw of the aging process. But when asked – would you give up your wrinkles, one wise friend of mine said ‘I would never get rid of my wrinkles or bother about them. They are a result of so many years of my smiles and laughter.’ Yup, wrinkles are actually the geography left on our face from all the moments we lived and all the emotions we felt. That’s the beauty we can boast of the older we get.



So it is time to appreciate yourself and people not despite of their flaws, but actually for them. For having courage not to hide them. For being confident. For enjoying the life and having real taste for beauty. Perfectionism is not our thing anymore. Being perfect or common, or normal is boring, after all. Maya Angelou was right in saying “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

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