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Fish cubes for a healthy diet

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Fish cubes for a healthy diet

Fish cubes

Fish cubes

Diet doesn’t mean to eat just fresh fruit and vegetable or to prevent yourself from tasting and enjoying eating other kinds of delicious dishes, so we bring you this yummy and delicious fish dish, and hope you like it, as it has got just 465 kcal.

My dear lady , you will not treading during dieting any more, as on our  kitchen section, we bring you delicious low-calorie dishes, to enjoy tasting  healthy and delicious food during the diet , Try fillet fish cubes and a healthy and delicious  way at the same time.
Fish fillets: 500 grams
Corn: cup (small and boiled)
Potatoes: 4 (diced)
Salt: half a teaspoon
Black pepper: half a teaspoon
Butter: tbsp
Lemon juice: 3 tbsp
Tomatoes: 3 (finely diced)
Vegetable oil: 3 tbsp
Yoghurt: half cup
Nutmeg: a quarter of a teaspoon

Fish cubes dish

Fish cubes for a healthy diet
How to prepare

1. Cut fish into cubes and season with salt and pepper, nutmeg, lemon juice and oil.

2. put fish on private sticks by using tomatoes wooden sticks ,then enter theses sticks on the oven for 20 minutes or until the fish will done.

3. boil potatoes, then peel and mash with milk, butter and season with salt and pepper and present as well as fish with boiled corn.

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