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DIY natural facial masks for oily skin

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Oily skin is a type of skin which secrete large amounts of oil, causing many sorts of skin problem as continuous gloss, loss of freshness, as well as infection of acne through the fat secretion , which is working to fill the pores of the skin and the accumulation of bacteria, which causes acne, how can woman with oily skin take care of it and get rid of its problems?

DIY natural facial masks for oily skin

Oily Skin Care best tips
Woman with oily skin need to take care of , clean and washed regularly – twice to three times a day – but you should avoid washing the face frequently or subject it to drought
. Use low-oils moisturizers, As well as Using of Medical napkins that work on the absorption of oils from the skin.
. Applying mask of lemon and turmeric on the skin.
. Getting rid of the dead skin in the skin by using baking soda.
. avoid exposing your skin to the sun directly without wearing sunscreen.
. Avoid excessive tension and stress.
.The use of makeup free of oils.
. Avoid touching your pimples; because touching them will help to spread and keep the bad effect of it.

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DIY natural facial masks for oily skin

DIY natural facial masks for oily skin

Natural masks for oily skin
– Yogurt with lemon, oat powder, so to mix milk with the powder, Apply on oily skin, then wash with lemon after half an hour.
– Carrot juice with honey, Mix the two components and placed on the skin, then rinse with lukewarm water after a quarter of an hour.


– Apples with eggs, Mix mashed apple with egg yolk, then put them on the face and wash it with hot water after ten minutes.
Milk with grated orange, Mix the milk with grated orange and put it on the face until it dries.

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DIY natural facial masks for oily skin

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