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Colors and decorating ideas of children’s bedrooms

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Before you start designing children’s bedrooms, you should look to their own liking, even these spaces express their ideas, through the furniture and colors and the accessories.

ideas of children’s bedrooms

“What woman needs” offers some useful ideas in the design of children’s bedroom of both sexes, between the ages of 7 and 8 years.

Colors and decorating ideas of children’s bedrooms
1. Girls bedroom
Barbie is the dearest doll to the hearts of girls, so:
– It is advisable to choose pink , gold and white colors for the girls’ bedrooms, that inspired the design of their beds from blonde doll elements, as the figure of her palace or her shoes …
– Prefer to paint the wall behind the bed in white, if the latter was painted pink. The secondary wall is valid to use the wallpapers with butterflies and flowers ,if the curtain is plain.
– Cover the floor with carpet made of white fur.
– Assign a corner of the room for a session consisting of a table and a few chairs.
– Put a mirror in a visible place.

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Colors and decorating ideas of children’s bedrooms



ideas of children’s bedrooms

2. Boys bedroom :
After asking the boy for his favorites personal , or agree with him that his room decoration expresses for his favorite hobby, you can choose its colors and elements: for example, if the boy likes cars:
– It’s preferred to use red color as a key color to his room, with the possibility of adding black and silver color.


– Cover the bed mattresses with previously mentioned colors, or inspired by the automotive world .
– Preferred to select the bed design in the form of a car, with a choice of a prominent back of the wall behind it, with fastening the hidden lighting to the right and the left of the bed.
– Coat the main wall behind the bed with 3D wallpaper reflects the form of widening and narrowing road .
– Paint the secondary wall that stands out the curtain in red color, but if the curtain bearing drawings and inscriptions, it;s preferred to paint the wall in white.
For the floor, preferably cover it with Parque and the carpet looks like a railroad car.


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Colors and decorating ideas of children’s bedrooms

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