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Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

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The cracked skin,or the skin filled with impurities and dryness, are all aesthetic concerns of women seek to avoid. Each time the black spots appear, sagging skin is increasing, then you resort to many methods to get rid of these problems and to obtain a guaranteed result. Among these solutions, You can easily use the Body butter, that will revive your skin and can moisten it too.

Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

Butter cream is a composition based on several components contribute to the protection of the skin cracks and drought. One of the best things that distinguishes this product from the body cream is that it is much thicker and it takes some time to absorb into the skin, as it is only for dry skin. Body butter consists from Shea butter as standard and add to it some of the ingredients such as cocoa butter and some essential oils. You can find the body butter on many brands, you can also prepare it in your home for anti-aging skin, moisturize the skin and to restore its flexibility and tighten it. Here’s the recipe:

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Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

Half a cup of Shea butter
Half a cup of cocoa butter or mango butter
Half a cup of coconut oil
10 to 20 drops of cinnamon oil or lavender oil


Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

How to prepare:
Combine shea butter, cocoa butter or mango and coconut oil well , then put the mixture on fire over medium heat and stir well until ingredients melt completely. Add the lavender oil or cinnamon After cooling the mixture, then put it in the fridge for an hour until you have a thick mixture but still somewhat soft. Put the mixture in a blender for 10 minutes and return it to the refrigerator for 15 minutes. After that you can massage your skin with this butter body to get a guaranteed result.

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Body Butter benefits to tighten loose skin

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