Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop

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Remember having fun with hula hoop when you were a kid? We’ve been practicing many different tricks and moves showing off our cool skills around our friends. Now for us, older girls, the hula hoop is not just a toy!
It’s a great aerobic instrument to tone your whole body. The hula hoop can trim your tummy, strengthen your abs and obliques if you use it right! So it’s better to learn some moves and tips before using your hula hoop. If you sharpen your hula hooping skills, you will get the best results in shedding unwanted body fat and toning various muscle groups. Let’s see what this magic fitness ring can do for you!

1 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop1) Getting a hula hoop. First of all, you should decide which hula hoop to get. There are actually three types of hula hoops: regular hula hoop (the one you were using in your childhood but the adult version – larger and heavier), the one with extra weight and/or massage elements, or polypro hula hoop. Remember: the heavier your hula hoop is, the less energy you spend on spinning it. So to achieve the best results, you should spin your heavy hoop longer. And the massage elements will help you tone your obliques and get rid of extra fat on your waist. If you’re into more dynamic moves when working out, choose a regular hula hoop. Working out using the polypro hula hoop will be more difficult for beginners. We recommend the regular hoop to intermediate or advanced hula hoopers.

2 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop2) Where to use it. Who said that you were limited to spin your hoop only at home? There’s no need to be shy! Grab your hoop and go to the park, beach or backyard. Pick your fav tunes on your iPod and spin with pleasure. To make your exercise more fun, include some friends, throw a hula hoop party!

3 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop3) What to start with. So you have got your hula hoop and you’ve chosen a place where you can use it. What’s next? Wear tight-fitting athletic clothing and try to avoid wearing any jewelry that can contact with the hula hoop. Start with the basic moves and try to focus on keeping a hula hoop around your waist. When you finally feel comfortable spinning it, you can experience different toning exercises.

4 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop4) Just spinning a hula hoop can be a bit boring, right? Learn more different options. The booty bump: spin a hula hoop around your waist moving your butt. Now try the side stance exercise: stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width, spin a hoop and try to move your hips as much as possible, so the hoop will hit the sides of your waist. Don’t forget to tighten your abs while hooping.

5 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop

5) Another great option: move around when you’re hooping. Turn your body in the direction your hoop is moving shuffling your feet. Now stand straight and put your right foot forward, bend your knees a bit. Spin your hoop counterclockwise. Try to shift your body weight between your feet as fast as you can and move your hips back and forward. Switch the foot and change the hooping direction to clockwise.

6 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop6) For the best fitness results, try to perform combinations of exercises for about 30 min per day three times a week. It sounds unbelievable but you can burn up to 250 calories per workout. Sounds pretty inspiring!

7 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop7) This exercise is for more experienced hula hoopers: when spinning your hoop, try moving it up and down your body. When you feel your hoop is falling down, bend your knees and quickly recover it with your waist. Still bored? Spin your hoop around your head or arms or around one of your legs! For such exercises, the lighter hoop will fit best.

8 Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop8) Also, you can inspire yourself watching hula hoop video guides, how-to’s or visiting special classes. It is always easier to keep up with your hula hoop exercise routine doing it with other people or a trainer.


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