8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

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8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

There has been an increase in the visual problems because of spending extra time in front of computer screens and television.

Research has proven that there has been an increase in the visual problems because of spending extra time in front of computer screens and television.

Under such conditions eye care is really important and that can be done by simply making a few subtle changes in computer screening routine and following a few simple yet effective eye care tips.

Following are healthy eye care tips for your daily routine:


1. Positioning of screens for eye care

A distance of an arm’s length between your eye and the screen should be maintained in order to keep your vision perfect and eye care. Monitor should be 20 degrees below the eye level and correct placement of the screen and keyboard are very important for eye care as well.

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8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

2. Lighting for eye care

The lighting of the room should be diffused and indirect if you want to follow eye care tips. The reflections should be at a notable distance from your screen and the sharpness, brightness, color and contrast should be adjusted accordingly for perfect .

3. Finding the right lenses

Another important aspect of  is to wear right type of contact lenses if you have eye sight problems. And finding the right contact lenses is a very difficult task. Do proper research and find the best lenses for eyecare of your beautiful eyes.

8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

4. Relaxing your eyes for eye care

Relaxation of your eyes is an important part of eyecare. What you need to do is to rub your hands again each other until you feel warm. Then place your palms on your eyes and that warmth will ease your eyes. Repeating this on regular basis will not only relax tired eyes, but also neutralize the effect of light on the eyes of computer users.

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5. Blinking science for eye care

A normal person, under normal circumstances blinks around 12 times per minute on average but when you are working on computer, you blink for 5 times only. This can cause the problem of having dry eyes. Eye care drops and tear drop gels are available in the market and they are very effective in reducing dryness of eyes for eye care.

8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

6. Splash water on your face

Develop a habit of splashing water on your face at least twice a day for eye care. This will not only refresh you but also give a soothing effect to your eyes.

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8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

7. Effectiveness of tea bags for eye care

If you suffer from the problem of puffiness then placing cold tea bags on eyes can be very helpful. This is an effective tip. Place the used teabags in refrigerator overnight and then use them on your eyes. After 10 minutes. You will be surprised to see their effectiveness.

8. Healthy food for eye care

Eating foods that have Vitamin A, C, and E on regular basis have proven to be very efficient for . Make Green vegetables, citrus fruits and dairy products a part of your meal. Nothing can beat the freshness of salad and fruits, and if they make you look beautiful then you should eat plenty of them.

8 Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

By following these  tips you can make your eyes look more beautiful and they will enhance your personality in return.

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