7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step

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I don’t know about you ladies, but I often wish I did more with my hair. Most days I have the same hairstyle, if it can even be called a hairstyle. I just wash my hair and blow dry it, that’s it. On a rare occasion I might curl it, or maybe do a side braid. Once in a blue moon I try to do a ponytail, but then it turns out to be uneven or there isn’t enough volume to it, so I just give up. Hairstyles were always confusing for me, but I found a few that actually seem doable, and it looks like they will only take a few minutes to create. I’m going to share with you 7 step-by-step tutorials, 1 for each day of the week ( I know, ambitious, but let’s dream big).

Monday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 2Let’s start the week with an easy hairstyle. This topsy ponytail looks adorable and is surprisingly easy to recreate. You will only need 3 little hair ties. Even the hairspray is optional, it should hold without it. Just divide your hair into 3 sections and make 3 little ponytails, loop them around themselves one by one and pull sections out or tighten depending on what you like. The full tutorial can be found here.
Tuesday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 3Now that we’ve mustered a topsy ponytail let’s try some braids. This one might look hella complicated and intricate, but you’ll be amused at how easy it actually is. It’s actually a simple knot braid. The only thing you have to do is to keep tying your hair in knots and then finish it off with a hair elastic. You’re bound to get a lot of compliments and questions about how long did it take. Once you master this braid you’ll be able to say that it only took you 2 minutes and enjoy the surprised and awed looks you get from your friends. A more detailed tutorial can be found here.

Wednesday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 4I always associate Wednesdays with braids. Probably because I have a bit of a crush on Wednesday Addams. Don’t worry, I realize not everyone can pull off two braids, it might look a bit infantile on an adult. That’s why I found this cool alternative. It’s a pretty unusual take on French braids. This will make you look like one of those gorgeous models on the runway, but essentially it’s still just 2 French braids tied together in a clever way. Go here for a full tutorial.

Thursday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 5We’ve come to the middle of our week. We worked hard and learned how to do 3 different hairstyles. I think it’s time for a little brake. For Thursday I’ve chosen a lazy hairstyle. It’s a messy French bun. Buns are the easiest to do, especially if they’re messy. Essentially, all you have to do is pile all of your hair on top of your head and pin it there with bobby pins. The best thing about this particular messy bun is that it works even better on dirty hair. See the full tutorial here.

Friday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 6It’s the end of the work week, why not end it with style and elegance? For this day I suggest this awesome hairstyle. It’s a ponytail with a twist, quite literally. Twists and ponytails is all you’ll be doing here. Stock up on some bobby pins too. The key element of this hairstyle is volume, so keep your teasing comb close by too. This hairstyle will look lovely for work, yet at the same time won’t look out of place in a fancy restaurant, in case you have dinner plans for Friday. A more detailed tutorial can be found here.

Saturday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 7I decided that getting hair out of your face is the best idea for Saturday. That way you get to look cool, you don’t have to worry about your hair and you can concentrate on having fun. You’ll need a thin summer scarf for this look, it’ll give you a pop of color and add some texture to your hairstyle. The most awesome thing about this look, is that with every scarf it will look different, so you can change up your style by changing the color or the pattern of the scarf. Plus, you can style it however you want. Make it match your outfit or make it stand out, it’s all up to you. The full tutorial is here.

Sunday7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step 8By this point you’re basically a hair guru. You know how to make your hair look cool and funky without breaking a sweat. Congratulations are definitely in order! I suggest you go get yourself a drink and go dancing to celebrate. And in order to keep your hair out of your face when you’re dancing, try this awesome twist hairstyle. It looks both elegant and yet effortless. Twists, as we know by now, are very easy to do, so you’ll be done in a matter of minutes. See the full tutorial here.

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