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5 Tips to get rid of insomnia

5 Tips to get rid of insomnia


If you are one of those who suffer from lack of sleep, or the difficulty of organizing a comfortable sleep, or exposed to the pressures at work or for some family problems, you should be aware of the importance of a regular sleep schedule , and the habits of a healthy sleep, and lifestyle options , which allows you to sleep healthy and on comfortable way.
There is no doubt that you get adequate sleep, amount of at least 8 hours, every night, will lead you enjoy the activity and vitality in the next day.

5 Tips to get rid of insomnia

1_ regulate sleep schedule
Preferable to choose a fixed time for go to sleep and wake up every day. We must continue to follow this routine even during weekends.
2_ reduce siesta
When you take a nap during the day, preferably to be short and not exceed 10 _ 15 minutes, and to be during the afternoon.
3_ avoid dinner in the late hours of the night
Preferable  to eat dinner at a relatively early, and should avoid eating heavy or fatty acid or warm or two hours before bedtime meals , to make the body takes time to digest the meal; Eating fatty meals at night exacerbate sleep problems.
4_ avoid sugar and caffeine intake
A person must pay attention to what to eat before going to sleep, as it can be for drinks that contain caffeine can cause sleep problems, if addressed before 10_ 12 hours of bedtime. And can foods containing sugar can cause sleep problems, because of the difficulty to digest.
5_ sleep on comfortable beds
You must provide an appropriate atmosphere to get enough sleep. It is also important to have a comfortable bed and suitable pillow .

We hope you that like and fellow our simple and easy tips to get easy sleep and get rid of insomnia.

5 Tips to get rid of insomnia


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