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5 Tips to get perfect hair

Any girl want to have the perfect hair that increase her self- confidence, that also add her special view , so we are going my dear lady today on our blog ” What woman needs” to give you the best five tips to get the perfect hear you have dreamed of.

1. Do not cut your hair parties every month

Contrary to what you had  heard always, the cutting of  hair parties is not always great for your hair, as you should not ignore it completely. The length of your hair grow half an inch per month, and of course do not want to get rid of this progress. But to avoid brittle and fading hair, cut parties every three months.

2. Be nice

Be nice with your hair. Avoid harsh chemicals as if you can, and Cut down times to wash it two or three a week, since a lot of washing may lead to the corruption of natural hair oils, and makes it more vulnerable to brittle .

5 Tips to get perfect hair

3. avoid  harmful factors

Summer can be wreaking havoc in your hair. It is the sun that can weaken your hair and cause it damage over time, to salt water and chlorine to dry and break your hair . For this reason, you should always wear a hat, and to wash your hair thoroughly after swimming.

4. Pour off the heat

May you think that Styling devices that enter the heat, hurt your hair and cause a break-up, and is true. But drying is very important, and you should not sleep and your hair wet, because it is more likely to be brittle in this way.

5 Tips to get perfect hair

5. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy food

The best way to keep your hair hydration and health, is that you keep on moisturizing your body, as you can drink a lot of water that helps you get rid of a lot of toxins, and promote hair growth. You should eat more fruits and vegetables to strengthen your hair .

5 Tips to get perfect hair


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