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5 mistakes spoil the atmosphere of intimacy

5 mistakes spoil the atmosphere of intimacy



Intimacy requires good mood on both sides, but sometimes, and without the attention, you may commit small things may affect on the private atmosphere of intimacy by tension before and during the relationship. watch them to make your bedroom  a preferred a shelter for your husband.

Crying : a US scientific study published in The Journal Science revealed that tears ease of sexual desire in men. Scientists believe that tears send him a clear message that you do not want any sexual contact. Do you want a successful sexual relationship? Unleash your feelings with your close friend, not when you are with him.

Make-up: It is true that it praise the beauty and make-up makes you more exciting, but not in bed. Yes, surprise! The reason is very simple. Your husband does not want to be smeared with red lips, no matter how beautiful is its color .

intimacy relations

5 mistakes spoil the atmosphere of intimacy 
Fruit scents: If you think that  you’ll be cute by and putting the body odor cream of fruit or candy, you are definitely wrong.  I know it is very beautiful, but when your husband  smells it , he will remember the kitchen and not the bedroom smells. before relationship by hours , put the perfume that he loves to keep it light effects on your body in the evening.

Talk too much: women by their nature speak too much, about anything and everything. So, dear, when you are with your husband, he just wants you, just thinking about him. Do not distract  him about your own issues with  your friends or your talking with your mother in the morning or what did one of the boys in the school. Leave these conversations for another time. But do not keep still saying nothing , tell him how much you love him and how he makes you feel happy and excitement.


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